🏕”The Wild” Review🏕

📖 "The Wild" By K Webster

5 beastly stars!! Well…..

I am not going to give you any hints on this book!! Nope none! But I will say WTF!!

Ok I knew this was a TABOO book but wth I will read anything once and K Webster has NEVER disappointed me…with that being said….she still has not failed!! I absolutely fucking love this book! When I started reading I was like this sounds like an amazing read and I was enthralled. A little while later I was hot and bothered AND totally looking over my shoulder. This book makes you feel naughty, excited but then second guessing if it is ok to feel that way. I don't know what your trigger points may be (there are some harsh triggers) but if you are open minded.. do NOT hesitate to get this book!! K killed this book!! The writing was phenomenal and the book was so easy to get entranced in that I spent every moment of free time reading!! Do not be the one who missed out because you can't jump out of the box!!!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

Smashwords Link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/740771


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