🔥”Under Fire” Review🔥

📖"Under Fire (Love Over Duty #1)" By Scarlett Cole

What a great way to begin a series!! These boys are going to make for some kick ass books!!

Six and Louisa are two completely different people. Louisa is shy, nerdy and very uncomfortable around other people. Six is a sexy, alpha, former SEAL, ladies man. Neither is looking for a relationship but somehow this chance meeting began the whole journey…

💭My thoughts…

Well first of all I love the men in this book!! Scarlett Cole never disappoints!! Just as I fell in love with the men from Second Circle Tattoos I am now in love another handful of men and can't wait for their stories!! The relationship between Six and Louisa is so full of tension the first half of the book but then second half they finally make some changes. Six is pure Navy Seal perfection!! Louisa is so insecure and nervous but when you put them together they pull off each other's strengths and I just love that!! The book wasn't just a love story but a nice suspenseful keep you on your toes book!! A great read full of bunches of sexy alpha men!!

** I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review

Amazon Link: http://a.co/eiHchLr

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