🔥”Burning Love” Review🔥

📖"Burning Love: Hearts on Fire Series" By Heather Lyn

3.5 stars!! Who doesn't love a alpha, dirty talking, funny, and sexy fire fighter?!?!

🔥This is Kennedy and Grayson's love story….

Kennedy~ I don't do relationships. Why let someone in just to destroy you and trust me I know that will happen. Just take a look at my parents. One left me to continue being the best drunk she could be and the other left because he couldn't take the pain my mother put him through. Screw love…

Grayson~ I don't do relationships. I mean why complicate a good thing?!?! That is until Kennedy. Damn her. I have spent a year of being her best friend and I realize I want more, a lot more. But breaking down those walls will be damn near impossible.

💭My Thoughts…

This was a beautiful story full of pain, heart ache, love, charm, humor and boy was it sexy!! Grayson is exactly what the doctor ordered. Problem is Kennedy is a little jaded. Well maybe a lot. I love all the characters and I do feel like maybe from not reading the first book I am slightly missing something.

I think where this book fell short with me was the writing. It seemed to be over telling me stuff that did not do anything for the story. It became quite predictable. And then I started to skim because it wasn't keeping my interest. But then parts would have me tearing up or hot as a fire. With some work this book could be a 5 star book!!

** I received this book as a review copy from Quirky Blind Date With a Book and therefore I gave my honest review.. ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

Amazon Link: http://a.co/h4HmwjC

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