💕”Two Hearts Beyond Control” Review💕

📖"Two Hearts Beyond Control" By CJ Andrews


4.5 stars!!! This is definitely a book that keeps you interested. Always waiting for the next clue or for Danni to fall to her true feelings. The book is left wide open with so many questions and suspicions unanswered. Can't wait for the second book to come out!

Danni is trying everything possible to reignite the fire between her husband Will and herself. Will is constantly shutting her down or giving her just enough to leave him alone. While Nico is a hot younger man ready to give her the attention she needs, she can't find it in herself to break her vows. Nico and her sparks are like she has never felt before, but she is constantly trying to fight those feelings while winning her husband back. So many little details from both men leave you needing and wanting more!!!

**I received this book as a review copy and in return gave my honest review** ~Michelle P. (Book Addicts Reviews)

Amazon Link: http://a.co/5tYx7bb

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