🌊”Bars Between Us” Review🌊

📖"Bars Between Us" By A.S. Teague

5 amazingly beautiful stars!! I was a fan of this authors first series and now I am definitely in love with this book, so let me just say I think I love author A.S. Teague!!!

This book is a a stand alone and it is a MUST read!!!

❤️This is Bronnson and Grace's love story....

When two people meet each other and everything they represent screams different…you know this is going to be one heck of a love story! But little did these two know they have more in common then they first believed. This is a whirlwind romance that has you rooting for the town screw up!

“As long as you’re holding my hand, there will never be a single thing we can’t get through. It’s you and me. Forever.”


I loved this book with all of my heart!! Once I sat down and started reading I was engrossed. The first couple pages pulled me in and the world around me didn't exist!

I always love an alpha male like Bronnson, tough around the edges but when you find that sweet spot you fall hard!! And Grace is like the most perfect woman… totally woman crushing!! These two broke my heart for who they once were and where they came from but gave me inspiration for who they became.

The author had no problem relaying emotion throughout this entire book. I felt EVERYTHING!! Those moments in Nana's closet broke my heart apart for Grace!! But there was more then just tears and pride. This book was full of laughs and sexy time. Oh man! This was a very well rounded book with even a little mystery! Very well written and I can not wait for this authors next book!!!

**I received this book as an ARC and here is my honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

Amazon Link: http://a.co/etTdIFZ


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