🏍”Chase & Chloe” Review🏍

📖"Chase & Chloe" By Simone Elise

4 stars!! What a great MC love story!!

I believe there is going to be a sequel to this book but can be read as a stand alone. But with that somewhat cliffy I NEED another book!! Better yet please write a book on ALL the McKenzie boys!!

❣️This is Chloe and Chase's story….

Chloe is a 19 yr old woman with a miserable life leading up to this point. She just wants to escape when one accident makes her take a left turn in her life. She doesn't trust men and if I was her I wouldn't either. Until one extremely sexy man decides he is not letting her go… wait did I mention said man is a MC president?!?!

Chase is not only the MC president but the oldest brother (to a seriously sexy family!!), he was born to protect. And when he spots a damsel in distress (who happens to be quite pretty) he can't stop himself from helping. But is this player of a man ready to help this seriously jaded girl and is he willing to give up his wild ways?!?!


First of all this has the workings of a 5 star book!! This book is full of sexy characters… good guys, bad guys, friends, and you meet new people throughout. I think Chase is so damn yummy and perfect! And damn if I do not love each and every one of the McKenzie brothers!! I also enjoyed how the book was told in multiple view points!! And never did it get confusing. I think my issue was with it being so very long (I think around 550-600 pages) it said too much. I think a lot could have been eliminated and still gave the same punch! And the back and forth with Chloe along I guess with immaturity sometimes got annoying. Maybe more it showed so many insecurities and I just felt like there was no growth with her.
But PLEASE give me more. I enjoyed the story so much!! I am a fan for life!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**~ Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

Amazon Link: http://a.co/fzgbrF2


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