💜”Prude” Review💜

📖"Prude: Labeled Book One" By Jordan Gray


4 stars!! Cute, young adult read. This story is a page turner! Rebecca will have you frustrated and annoyed while Derek will have you wondering what sweet or dumb thing he will do next!

After Rebecca was dumped in front of a ton of school mates and then used for a bet right after, she wants to hide away before embarrassing herself anymore. For her, that seems to be impossible. As a Deans List, make it to class 20 minutes early kind of girl, the one day she decides to hide out she gets paired with the guy who tried to use her in a bet! His arrogant ways slowly turn to charm, but will she be able to resist the temptation that she knows will inevitably end in heart ache?

**I received this book as a review copy and in return gave my honest review** ~Michelle P. (Book Addicts Reviews)

Amazon Link: http://a.co/aMOpiRm

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