✨”Fighting For Your Touch” Review✨

📖 “Fighting For Your Touch” By Nikki Ash

5 fabulous stars!!! I LOVE this ENTIRE series. It is hard to get 5 stars on every book in a series but Nikki has done it. This series is phenomenal!!

This is Book 3 of the “Fighting” series. It can be read as a stand alone but, seeing as each of these books was a 5 star review, I advise against it!!

💚This is Hayley and Caleb’s love story…

Hayley has been crushing on Caleb for awhile but for some reason he just doesn’t feel the same way. She has her dream job, a beautiful house, but she is so lonely. She is 30 and is ready for a man and a family. 

Caleb has a difficult past and well there is no women (other then his friends Liz and Kayla) that he trusts enough to let in his heart or his bed. Hayley has been innocently flirting with him for awhile but he just doesn’t have it in him to feel for anyone that way. Until one day an innocent touch and a few laughs has Caleb rethinking everything he has known. 

Oh my goodness!!! This book is so damn good. First of all I have been waiting on Caleb’s story. I knew that boy went through something but damn would he love fierce. First of all, all these alpha sexy men in these three books, are perfect and yummy!! But Caleb carries so much pain and hurt that your heart breaks for the boy that missed out. Hayley is just such a great woman and knowing she had the patience needed to be there for Caleb was great. The whole Marco twist was great!! I loved when they were at the skatepark, oh it was beautiful. I shed tears a few times within this book that was one and another was the letter Caleb got from his father…oh my did tears fall!!

This entire series has been a joy to read and review. The books are all written beautifully. The story flows off the pages and makes you feel all these emotions. This is a real world romance and I love it. Now Ashley and Kaden it’s time for your story…I can’t wait!!! This is a MUST read of 2017!!!

**Thank you Nikki for allowing me an ARC, and for that I give you my 100% honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)


Amazon Link: http://a.co/eTGF4tu

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