📸”All I Ask” Review📸

📖 “All I Ask” By Elizabeth York

5 beautiful stars!! This is such an inspiring, beautiful and exciting love story!!

This is a stand alone (though I wish I could read more on Mac and Sarah!!). Be prepared and have a box of tissues handy!!  

💙This is Devan and Ian’s love story…

What do you get when a photographer who embraces the dark meets a doctor who lives in the light?!? True love!!

“I spend all my time fighting death while she seemed to welcome it. How does the light defeat the dark?”

Devan has known illness and death. She doesn’t want the happy endings or the white picket fence. She just wants to help the cause. Until one day Mr Hottie (Dr Ian) changed everything. 
Ian doesn’t have time for anything other then his kids. These children deserve all his time and he makes sure they get it. Cancer may ruin everything else in their life but he will be damned if they don’t get to enjoy what they do have. And then one day one stubborn and sexy woman drops to her knees in his office with an offer he can hardly refuse. Will he be able to dedicate time to anyone other then these children?!?!

“Jellybean, at some point you are going to have to let someone into your heart, not just your history…”

This is one hell of a beautiful story!! It is more then just a love story, it’s a story of challenges, defeat, regret, family, fate, and so much more. Yes this was a great romance and it got hot and steamy right when it needed to but it also opened my eyes to so much more. I work in health care so I know the insides of illness but I think I miss a lot as well. And I miss the amount of themselves these doctors put into every patient and the lives of patients once they are better. I love that Devan’s one life goal was to help these families and children. I think her story was beautiful and Ian was just the right person to stand beside her. This book was more then just tears and love. It was laughter (oh my gosh it as funny), there were moments Of complete anger and suspense (I mean really page one leads you to a mystery that isn’t solved until the end but you didn’t know until a little way through that you had a mystery to solve), there were good guys and bad guys (aka Veronica!!), the one homeless veteran turned into a movement of helping even more. This book needs to be read by people of all ages. 

I think this book was written beautifully and was a easy read. The characters were like a movie in my mind. I loved everyone and their growth. I literally saw this movie. I loved the kids taking the conference room over, I loved when they had the wedding, and I think I want the pictures for myself. This book would make one hell of a perfect movie!! Please do not miss out, READ SOON!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

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