🌹”Beauty of a Monster: Seduction” Review🌹

📖 “Beauty of a Monster: Seduction” By Eleanor Lloyd-Jones & Katie Fox

4.5 beautifully tragic stars!! This book would not let me go.

This book ends in a damn crazy cliff hanger and therefore is the first book of the duet.

🖤This is Will and Joey’s story…
Something tragic took place 20 years ago. Something so tragic it is still effecting people and therefore is to remain a secret. The Wildridge mansion and riding house staff know you do not speak of the past. Mr Croft runs said estate and the beautifully dark messed up man has forbid speaking of the past. Until the past barges right into his front door….

Joey was suppose to be in college right now but her father became ill and now she is knocking at the one door she never thought she would be at begging for a job. But this jerk of a man apparently has no desire to even be in the same room as Joey. Something is not right here and Joey is going to figure it out…

This story is just so beautiful yet painful. The whole book they kept hinting at the past but until you hear the full story, you will never understand fully. Oh how I just wanted these two to stay happy and get married. But demons are difficult to rid of. And that damn ending!!! Oh my I’m like WTF!! I need the next book now!!

I loved all the characters. Joey is such a beautiful woman with a huge heart. Will had some real problems that need to be addressed. That poor man. But omg did I ever want to help him fix himself. Yummy!! And that little shit Simon..yuck!!

This book was written with a easy flowing romantic style and where you get to hear from everyone’s point of view. Which I definitely enjoyed. I’m not sure if the authors were trying to do this but it definitely gave me a beauty and the beast kind of vibe. I was so wrapped up in this story! This is a great read and I can not wait for book two.

**I received this as an ARC so I gave my complete honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)

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