👷”Recklessly Mine” Review👷

📖 “Recklessly Mine” By Emily Bowie


4 keep you on your toes stars!! This was a great romantic suspense, never a dull moment!  

If this is the beginning of the series I am super excited for what is to come.

💜This is Chase and Kat’s story….

Chase had a rough childhood, it didn’t help that nobody seemed to care and labeled him “the kid from the wrong side of the tracks”. He didn’t fit in and he couldn’t wait to get away from this shithole of a town. He met the girl of his dreams by chance, Kay, the very night he got his wish. Fast forward many years later, he is returning to said town. Will she be there, will she still want him as much as he still wants her?!?!

Kat loved life. One night at a party where things were going to hell in a hand basket does she meet this intriguing boy and then he is gone. The one that got away….

This was a shorter book but actually felt much longer then it was. And not in the dragged out kind of way just so much info crammed. I didn’t need to skim or walk away. I enjoyed it and was sad to see it end. I did not even put this book down once. This love story was cute and sexy. But I also enjoyed all the crazy shit happening in this small town. I felt some of it could have had a little more lead up but the love story was perfect!! Who wouldn’t want a Chase Bennett in their life?!?! A great fast paced easy read!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)


Amazon Link: http://a.co/acNEmx5


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