🍻”The Boy Friend” Review🍻

📖 ” The Boy Friend” By Mika Jolie

5 hilariously sexy stars!! This was an all around great friends to lovers read!!

This is a stand alone. Though since I am now a huge fan of Mika’s I do suggest reading her other books!!

❤️This is Cori and Deans story…

Dean is a man whore. He is honest about his intentions and does not do commitment. It works, plain and simple. It is until his best friend of 20 years drops the bomb that she wants to have a baby and is going to find a man to give it to her. Why this is bothering him, he has no clue….

Cori is an artistic laid back woman. She came from parents who didn’t know the meaning of settling down, so all Cory wants is that. It’s time, her clock is ticking and she wants love and babies. Problem is she is not finding that. There is one man who has always been in the back of her head but can she risk losing a friend of 20 years?!?!

“I’ve fallen in love with Cori, can’t fall any further. I’m already on the ground.”

This book freaking rocks!! At first I wasn’t sure if I would like the narrative and how it is told only from Dean’s point of view (which is different usually it is the other way around) but I enjoyed it. Also how he is actually speaking to you while telling the story I think that was so cute. And damn if he is not only sexy but funny as hell!! I love these two together and I loved the build up. I also noticed how the guys from “Somewhere to Begin” were mentioned in her. I love when authors do that. Glad to hear of them again. I liked each and every character and even the ones who were trying to block the path for these two to be together where good people. And usually there is someone who is just nasty in a book for you to dislike but Mika wrote a book where there was no hate. I loved it. My heart broke for Dean and Cori when they wouldn’t pull their heads out of their asses but this was a great 5 star read!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review ** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)


Amazon Link: http://a.co/0AHEyZj


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