๐Ÿ’•”Box of Hearts” Review๐Ÿ’•

๐Ÿ“– “Box of Hearts” By Nikki Ashton


5 fabulous stars!! This is one of my all time favorite romance books!!!

Not only was this a terrific read but at the end I realized after the title it said ” Connors Ranch Book 1)…OMG I can’t wait for more stories from Connor Ranch!!!!

๐Ÿ’•This is Millie and Jesse’s story…

Two people who have been destroyed in the romance department are brought together at just the right time. And that’s all you are getting from me because I freaking love this book like no other so I’m telling you to just go read it!!

Jesse is such a jack ass sometimes but damn is he one hell of a sexy rancher!! Omg my heart broke in pieces for him, I teared up, I wanted to throat punch him on occasion, he was such a charmer. I mean I could go on for days about Jesse Connor!! Let me say I knew Melody was not as she seemed from go but first loves are hard to let go. But Addy is the perfect girl!! I just love her. Well really I love the whole entire family!!! I really hope Garratt gets a book. Now Millie is such a beautiful woman but damn if I didn’t want to smack her a few times and tell her to have some pride. But let’s be real if you are in to bad boys this is what comes with the territory and especially a hardened man who has been broken. She was perfect for him though

I was worried when I started and saw how long the book was that I would loose interest but NOT AT ALL!! It was like this incredible tv series that I never wanted to stop. I know that Nikki was going for something different then what she usually writes (and yes I saw that Roman and Summer were mentioned in this book) and I think she nailed it but I love the funny ass books she writes and though she was going for something else I think this had Nikki Ashton written all over it. I laughed out loud too many times to count and that is hard to get me going. 

I love the dialogue going between both Millie and Jesse it just was an easy read. It was so hard to put down. I don’t think I have enough good things to say about this book. The music selections also spectacular!! And as I said when I read her book “Roman’s Having Sex Again” the Slang was a little off for Americans, well I laughed my ass off when I realized what she was doing here and it worked perfect. MUST READ!!!

**I received this as an ARC from the author and therefore I give you my honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)



Amazon Link: http://a.co/1bs09Tp

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