🎼”Dropout” Review🎼

📖”Dropout (The Good Guys Book 3)” By Jamie Schlosser


4.5 stars!! I can not get enough of Tolson, Illinois!!!

This book can be read as a stand alone but I do recommend reading the first 2 “Good Guys” books!! I love all these guys!!

❤️This is Mack and Jimmy’s love story. ❤️

Mack lived a horrible past and now she is a recluse. She works from home, rarely leaves home and her only friend is the 80 yr old neighbor. Until some tatted up, nipple pierced 19 yr old walks into her life. Something happens to her…those walls they start to crumble. 

Jimmy has hit an all time low. He’s dropped out of college, maxed out his credit card (on pizza and booze), his girlfriend had dumped him and majorly disappointed his parents. So to prove he wants to change he is going to Grandma Beverly’s for the summer. Well we all know the hilarious Beverly from the first two books, so you know it’s party hard over there. Except Jimmy swore off women and he just wants to make things better in his life. And cue the sexy quiet neighbor, Mackenna “Mack”….

First of all this book fit right in line with the other Good Guy books and I love it. The beginning of the book drew me right in and honestly I only put it down when I had no choice. This was a great love story. It was funny, charming, heartfelt, suspenseful, sexy and so much more. Jamie has a way with making it all just feel so real like Tolson is my hometown.  

I love each and every character and it makes it even better seeing them grow as the books go on. Beverly is like my all time favorite person and that damn bird. Hahahaha!!! This is a smooth, easy read with a happy ending and a ton of laughs in between.

**I received this book as an ARC and in return I gave my honest review ** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)


Amazon Link: http://a.co/isrZua0

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