🐺”Regret” Review🐺

📖 “Regret” By Bella J.

5 hot as hell stars!!! I. Can. Not. Even.!!!
This is the first book of the “Shattered Secrets” series. This book went straight to my favorites list!!!

Hunter and Scarlett’s story is one of pain, regret, control and torment. This isn’t your sweet lovey dovey romance story, this is two broken souls colliding. These two only have pieces of their former selves, how can you ever give someone a part of you when there is no part to give?!?!  

“Those blue eyes were his hope, his heaven…his fucking magic in a world filled with nothing but greed, loss and pain.”

Hunter has two rules 1)never sleep with the same girl twice 2)NO blue eyes. He faces his demons every day but those two rules are non negotiable. He is sent to find this girl and even tho it was not easy Hunter is good at his job. Little did he know there was something about her he couldn’t walk away from…

“You are mine, Little Red. No matter what you do, who you’re with, I’m the one who took your innocence from you. That part of you will always belong to me.”

Scarlett is always looking over her shoulder from the past that she just can’t seem to get away from. And then one day over her shoulder is one big sexy beast of a man. Except this fucker is everything she doesn’t want in a man. She wants control and he screams control. She is not your average “yes sir” kind of girl. But now she can’t seem to shake this guy, will she learn to let go or will she break this man?!?!

OMFG I love this book. I was in a little book slump and then this book came out of nowhere. I mean I didn’t really read the blurb before hand and I was so surprised!! Hunter is my fucking fantasy!!! Yummy!! Yes Scarlett is a little much at times but lets be real home girl has been through hell and back. This was perfect for those of us who love a sexy alpha with a fucked up view and a broken soul. I mean we want to fix that man!! The sex was so freakin hot I was dying over here. The sexual tension for the first half of the book was giving me blue balls, such a damn tease. But it led up to one hell of a good time. And then the last few chapters I was floored. Now I am all types of frustrated because I need the next book right NOW!!!

This book was extremely easy to read and keep up with. The characters were on point and I appreciated the back and forth views of their former lives. This was just an extremely well rounded hot and sexy book!! MUST READ!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review ** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)


Amazon Link: http://a.co/5BAkuQv


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