🏰”Beauty of the Beast” Review🏰

πŸ“–”Beauty of the Beast” by Rachel L. Demeter


5 astonishing stars!!! I absolutely LOVED this book!!

This book is a stand alone and hopefully the first of some killer fairytale retellings from this author!! This went straight to my favorites list!! Everyone who loves romance, second chances, heart break, darkness and/or fairy tales MUST read this. Hell I don’t care what you are in to this is a MUST read!!

This was a last minute add for me so I didn’t get to it as quick as I had hoped but every time I went to read a book I thought about this one. And therefore I was worried because I was so super excited for this book that I would be slightly let down. But let me clarify I was not let down at all!! I have only read maybe a handful of historical reads in my life but looks like things will be changing from here on out. 

β€œI was precisely that. A monster. A beast. I had no right to keep you here with me or to demand your freedom. I’ve done things I don’t expect forgiveness for, Isabelle. But being with you… It makes me yearn to be a greater man.”

This story is about to broken souls finding their path in life. It’s a take on “The Beauty and the Beast” but better!! Isabella loves her dad but hates that in order to keep him healthy she has to promise marriage to beast of a man. So one last effort of freedom she is taking her father on a trip. 

Adam was once a prince with a beautiful family and a happy childhood until one night it was all ripped away and now he is left disfigured and alone. That is until some stubborn beautiful woman and her sick father show up at his door…

β€œI love you, Isabelle. And that shall never change. Always you.” 

β€œI love you, my Adam. Always us.”

I loved everything about this book. The character development was top notch!! Even when I wanted Raphael to burn to ashes I then felt sorrow for him. I mean this author has a way with just pulling emotion out of you. The East Tower almost broke me. The first chapter had me cringing and a little nervous, if I could even finish this book. But oh my I stayed up all night just to read this book!! Looking for something magical..here it is!!


Amazon Link: http://a.co/6xuqJYM

**I received this book as an ARC from the author and in return I gave my honest review** ~Melissa J (Book Addicts Reviews)


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