🔥 “Soar: The Immortal Chronicles” Review ðŸ”¥


4.5 how do we keep ending up here stars!! Each one of these books leaves me NEEDING more!! I can not wait for the next book. 
This is not a stand alone. Be sure to read the first two books in the series. 

Wow! Well we left off with the fight with Cole. And Xander…well up in the air. Things go from bad to worse and then back to happy for awhile. But it would not be a Sloane Murphy book if the end did not utterly destroy me and have me throwing a tantrum for the next book. 

Each book I love Addie more and more. This book I learn more of her and I do enjoy it. Her mother, the Queen, is now the queen from Snow White in my head. I can not stand her. King Kellan, well, I expected to despise him but I LOVE him!! And Sophie is my little angel. I am so glad Addie found her. But biggest disappointment with the book is Kaden. I fell in love with him awhile back and I feel like he deserves more!!  

This book had me laughing, crying and just hoping for good. This author has an amazing way with words and writes with such a easy flow. I am so deeply invested in this series and these cliffhangers…damn they are good but drive me bonkers!! If you couldn’t tell how much I love all these characters and how well this author developed them then I will say it again. Sloane had a excellent grasp in character development and makes you want to befriend or despise them all!! I enjoyed that this book was “lighter” then the other two. This series is a MUST read for those who enjoy the paranormal. 

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**


Amazon Link: http://a.co/d3O7T9I


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