๐Ÿ‘ฎ “Checkmate: This is Reckless” Review ๐Ÿ‘ฎ


4.5 I will wait forever for you stars!!! I was in love with Travis and Viola but I love Drew and Courtney just as much!! I have been waiting for Drew to get his head out of his ass since like book one!!!
First of all I believe this can be read as one of two books in the next duet BUT I do not believe you should. First of all this ends with a cliffy (and OMG I want to scream!!). Second the first two books “Checkmate: This is War & This is Love” are incredible and you get so much back story. 

We all know Drew is one fine piece of man in a uniform from the previous books. I mean the only thing I have wanted to change about this man is he was a pussy when it came to Mia. Oh she drives me absolutely crazy. I foresee a throat punch coming her way. So that settled and everything is unicorns and rainbows and then shit takes a left turn! Uggg

Courtney is my type of girl. She is loud and in charge. Her only weakness is Drew. She has wanted him since the first day she laid eyes on him. Problem is that piece of work, Mia. My issue with Courtney is we all know she is smoking hot but honey don’t let him think he is your world when obviously he had to be played by his girl to see it. But ok so I am over all that and now it’s all glitter and bells. I mean literally I am ready for some babies and marriage but I did not see that ending coming!!

I also want to say that this author has a way with words. I love each and every character in these three books (minus hoe bad Mia)! Courtney’s family….omg I LOVE them. Those are my kinda boys!! I. can’t wait to find out who the next duet will be about because there is so many single men I need to know more about. I know I am getting ahead of myself I need this next book ASAP. Though April is like right around the corner I feel like I am going to explode!! This book definitely makes you laugh, angers you, it warms your heart, breaks your heart a little and just gives you a happy vibe. This is a series you def want to start. 

**I received this book as an ARC and in return I gave my honest review**

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