๐Ÿ’””The Fragile Line: Part Two” Review๐Ÿ’”


5 breaking down walls stars!! If book one was good, book two is wonderful!!!  

So this is definitely not a stand alone and you must read Book One “The Fragile Lines” first. And in all honesty you should read “The Fine Lines” before that if you want the ultimate experience!!  

Ok so leaving off with Matt and Chloe. Let me say I still love Matt with all my heart (actually even more then the first book if you can believe it) and Chloe well she still can strike a nerve with me. But seeing Chloe through Matt’s eyes makes me want more for her. But with that said I am so mad at the end of the book. Literally as soon as I am done with this review I am jumping to the next book to find out wth is happening!!  

Another well written story and more back story. Looks as though the first book was a back story on Logan and Olivia, the next book was back story on Chloe and now this was of Matt. These are my people now and I just want everyone happy is that too damn much to ask?!?!

I love what Matt does with “FML”!! It’s so him. I love his pet names. His family…omg…I adore them. And Maya I want to throat punch. This was a beautiful read! A MUST read!!

**I received this book as a review copy via Quirky Blind Date with a Book and in return I am giving my honest review**


Amazon  Link: http://a.co/bUkJd4t

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