💏”The Fragile Line: Part a Three” Review💏


4.5 stars!! What a perfect way to end the story…

This is not a stand alone. Be sure to read part one and part two prior to this book!!  

Chloe and Matt have came a long way from the first book. I adore their story and I love their backgrounds. This book touched on so many things. It was beautifully written.  

I love the pearl necklace part. To have FML on the necklace was icing on the cake. Chloe has my 100% backing and it took three books to get me there but she has changed all the way around. Matt is still the same beautiful man. 

I enjoyed these books because it was so in depth. I am glad these stories all continued with the same couple so I didn’t feel as though I missed anything. There are some love stories still left open that maybe could have a book of their own?!?! Just know if you are looking for a heart breaking, beautiful, loving, funny, charming second chance love story this is it!!  

** I received this book as a review copy via Quirky Blind Date With a Book and in return I gave my honest review**


Amazon Link: http://a.co/3WWKZe8


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