🏁”The Fine Line” Review🏁


4 fast paced fight for your love stars!! Wow my first read by this author and will not be my last. 

This is the story of a damaged girl and boy. They are scared of love and what is to come. Olivia has never had a father figure stay in her life and apparently that caused some long lasting damage. Let me say that I think Olivia is a very strong willed woman but damn is she annoying. She angered me quite a bit with the back and forth. I see where she was coming from but then I didn’t. In the end it happened as it should have. 

Now on to Logan. Oh boy Logan is def all charmer. Logan is a ladies man but for what it’s worth I saw him changing. I was rooting for him from the beginning. The John Wayne poster at the end grabbed my heart strings a little bit. 

This book was very well written and I think the author did a great job with character development. This book is a up and down love story. It took you through every high and low. Some questions are still left unanswered but I’m on to the next book where hopefully the answers don’t destroy what was built. 

** I received this book as a review copy through Quirky Blind Date With a Book and in return gave my honest review**

Amazon Link: http://a.co/65R4e2k

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