⚽️”Your Tempting Love” Review⚽️


4.5 swooning stars!! Another extremely charming, sexy and funny Bennett love story!! 


Ok so yes this can be read as a stand alone but I do not recommend missing out and all that is the Bennett family. I adore this family so very much. I believe they are my favorite book family of all time. And the Bennett men?!!! I have no words. Agghhh. 

So if you have read the previous books you know Christopher has only recently returned from Hong Kong where he was running Bennett Enterprises. Christopher has always been a funny, no filter prankster but he is also a very hard worker. He was also the one who had his heart broke and was not looking for love. Oh Christopher, you have no choice in the matter with sisters like Pippa and Alice. I LOVE those girls!!

Victoria is new to the story. She was a decorator for Pippa and Alice. So I assume you realize how she was introduced to Christopher ….hahaha. Her story is beautiful and sad in itself. I think her and Christopher are perfect for each other!  

I have so many favorite parts in this book but one that just had me cracking up was when they were building the desk and Sienna mentioned Ben. Christopher lost his shit internally and I fell so hard in love with him but also found it so damn funny. My love for the Bennett family is because no matter what they all have each other’s back and realistically there is barely any drama. This author makes sure to give you a real love story and there isn’t all this annoying back and forth conflict. Yes there may be some but it just makes you grow fonder of the couple. Layla is an extraordinary author and has done a wonderful job at writing these sexy love stories. Usually I have to refer back to the book to remember names but not with this crew. I love everyone!!  

If you want a funny, charming, witty, loyal, love at first sight, sadly beautiful love story this is it. Victoria and her little ones broke my heart but Christopher was there to pick up every piece. He defended and loved every one of them. I think everyone needs a Christopher Bennett…
**I received this as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**


Amazon Link: http://a.co/4JgezcC

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