๐ŸฅŠ”Fighting For a Second Chance” Review๐ŸฅŠ


5 crazy sexy beautiful stars!! This book is amazing!! Laughs were given , tears were shed, heart was filled, heart was broke and damn did it get hot in here….and all from this authors debut novel!!

My newest book crush, Liam “Cooper” came from a shitty family life so he isn’t looking for love he is looking for fun. A couple nights in Miami and an innocent looking hot chick is perfection. Except those 30 hours spent with this one perfect woman have changed his life forever. If he ever wanted forever the girl he will never see again would have been it. 

Liz just graduated high school and she is in Miami to celebrate with her bestie. Liz is a virgin and no matter how much Kayla try’s to change her mind she will not have meaningless sex while here. Except all that flew out the window the minute she laid eyes on Cooper. After losing her virginity and him disappearing in the middle of the night she doesn’t regret her decision for a second but if things were different he could have been something more then a 30 hour fling. 

Omg I love these two soooo much!! Cooper is a fantastic hunk of a man!! Even with all his insecurities he had it in him all along. I mean the packages in Miami…I knew he was gonna be fantastic!! He did anger me for a minute doubting himself because of his bastard of a father but he got it together. And can I say him and Bella ~ SWOON… We know it is rare when I agree with the main female but damn I love her as well. What a strong woman. And she not only was strong but she didn’t sit back and whine when things didn’t go her way or make excuses she moved forward and didn’t give up. A woman that was made perfectly for Cooper. This book was very sexy but in between there were many parts that actually brought tears to my eyes. I LOVED this book. MUST READ!!  


Amazon Link: http://a.co/a9OEAxS


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