🌊”Don’t Speak” Review🌊


5 captivating stars!! This is def the little mermaid modern addition!!!

I have never used the highlight feature on my kindle so much. I wanted to keep memories of this whole book. Little mermaid was a favorite story of mine and now I have the more adult version and I am happy as a clam! First off I want to say that I love all of Katy’s modern fairytales but this one I think ran truer to the actual fairytale. She even used many names from the book. Such as; King Triton, Prince Erik, Ursula, Sebastian, Flounder and even a play on Ariel (Laire). I am sure I missed some but you get the jest. Now on to the book….

Laire is an islander, 10th generation to be exact, and she is to follow the rules set by these small islanders. She is expected to marry a boy from the island and have babies. But Laire wants more in life….

“I can’t stay here forever..I want to see more. I want to know more. There’s a huge world out there, and I want to be a part of it”

But Laire knows there is a slim chance of this happening but it is her dream. And then one day everything starts to fall into place. She meets a boy…

“..beautiful Erik, the black-haired prince of Utopia Manor..”

Upon meeting this boy she also meets a woman who gives her a job and changes her path forever. Now back to the boy. Oh he is dreamy and so out of her league or is he?!?! But even if he is her father would never approve of her seeing a “dingbatter” or someone of his caliber at all. When Laire decides to take life into her own hands all hell breaks loose. 

Erik is exactly how Laire describes him. A handsome prince (well not really but close enough). He grew up rich and spoiled but yet never found anything close to love. He is just here on the Outer Banks for the summer and plans to have some fun. Running into “freckles” well that was a start to an incredible summer. The problem is what happens after summer and how will he handle how different they are?!?!

“Go ahead. Kiss him. Kiss the boy.”

Oh how that quotes makes me sing the song from the Disney version of Little Mermaid and puts a huge smile on my face!! I adored this book. At first I was a little worried with all the describing that it was going to be flat but it needed to be done and I understood why. This book grabbed me and sucked me right in. Mind you it is Valentines Day and I have a busy day but nope I could not go to sleep. I stayed up ALL night and read this in one sitting. It was the most sad yet beautiful love story of all time. 

Laire is everything I imagined Ariel (from the Disney version) to be. I love her innocence and her take on the world. She is such a strong woman. Erik, oh Erik has so many more layers. At first I thought he was a rich party boy who was going to break her heart but he fooled me. Erik was everything any woman would need her prince to be. He is also smoking hot and the patience of a God. The man he grew into made me crumble. I love that Ms. Sebastian played the role she did as well. I could go on for days about this book but I will stop here. Just know this book is another fantastic read from Katy Regnery and I am so sad it is over. I will patiently wait for the next fairytale (probably not so patiently)….

I would like to make known that when these fairytales go on sale Katy picks a charity and donates 15% of the gross sales to said charity for the first month or two. So yes you are buying a phenomenal book but you are also giving to a greater cause. To read more about it click on the blurb or at the end of the book she gives details…

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**


Amazon Link: http://a.co/dJfaJK8


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