🔥”Roman’s Having Sex Again” Review🔥


4.5 charmingly funny stars!! I enjoyed this book so very much. 

Summer gets a new boss and damn if he is not sexy. Too bad he is a grumpy ass. But, hey, he is still sexy. You can feel the sexual tension from the moment they meet. Roman is a grump but he is a grump you fall in love with. Summer has a secret and she worries that nobody will want her once she reveals it (example: her ex, Alex, left like the douche he is but we have a quote for him….)

“Alex’s style of foreplay often had me wanting to shout ‘they’re not radio knobs, you know’.” ~Summer 

Summer is very insecure and that does tend to get a little annoying. I want to shake her and say pull it together girlfriend you have a hot alpha male!!! BUT I love the banter between the two characters. And damn if they didn’t get me all hot and bothered as well. I love their relationship. It doesn’t help I am totally in to the whole bi-polar vibe Roman has going on. Oh man do I love him. Super crushing!!  

The author did one hell of a job developing the characters in the book. I think my favorite part was when they had both families together. Oh I just love Roman’s parents!! The freaking banner Twinkle made!! OMG LMAO!!! My only issue with the book is it had a bunch of English (I believe) slang that I had to keep looking up to understand. It didn’t bother me but some things I think went over my head. This book was very well written and not only was this book very funny but it was also serious and touched on quite a few topics. And though I did piece some of the story together there was something’s I just did not see coming. I love books like this. Books that make you laugh, cry, turn you on, make you angry, keep you guessing and make you believe in happily ever after. Such a wonderful book.

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**

Amazon Link: http://a.co/02PvZug

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