🎩”Mastering the Art of a Three Ring Circus” Review🎩


4 love you more then cake stars!!! Another great book by A. Wilding Wells!!

Theophile is a girl with a horrid past. Her mother was a monster and her father nonexistent. She loves pennies, gum balls and animals. She made a promise so long ago to a man named, King, and she is just waiting for the shoe to drop. And then in walks Wolfgang Valentine. Oh boy does this foul mouthed, confident, sexy and warm hearted man change her whole world. One thing she knows is she never breaks a promise but because of this one man she is rethinking her entire life. 

Wolfgang is over the top and knows what he wants. He loves his animals, Bubble, Duchess and candy. He knew the minute he laid eyes on Theophile that he would have her in his bed. But there is a secret they are both hiding….

This was a very eccentrically and well written book. There was such a smooth flow and you felt every part of this book. I knew these characters as my own little circus (which I loved all the circus info throughout the book as well). I think once you get past his abrupt nature you will fall head over heels for Wolfgang!! Oh my what a hell of a man. So alpha and protective. You have to love him. All the characters in this book are over the top and I think that makes it feel more unreal to me. More of a fairytale which of course I love. I did get slightly lost at the beginning of the book and therefore I did put it down quite a bit. But once you are invested (which about 45% through I caught on) it flies by and the twists, well you never see them coming. Let me say I absolutely adore Duchess. Between her and Wolfgang I was constantly laughing!!  

**I received this book as an ARC and in return I gave my honest review**


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