🎨”Crazy Stupid Love” Review🎨

5 crazy hot stars!! Wow this was such a sexy and emotional journey. I’m. In. Love. 

Decklan has been through something no person ever wants to deal with and still lives with the reminders of that night. Throughout the story you start to draw a picture of what happened but you do not know the whole story until the end. And I balled like a baby when they were at the cemetery!! On another note Decklan is extremely sexy and has the bad boy alpha vibe down pat!! He doesn’t sleep with a woman more then once and never does he let feeling gets involved. Until this blonde in a tight dress drinking a virgin daiquiri walks into his life…or his bar. Haha. Can he keep his walls up or will this woman come in like a wreaking ball?!!!
Kimber is tired of being who her parents want her to be. She decides she is making a change. She leaves for the Art school she wants and dumps her long time boyfriend (who her parents love not her). Now she is out for a good time and she runs into like the sexiest bad boy she has known. Just once glance at him screams “HEARTBREAKER”!! But Kimber is living for herself now so why not have a little fun…

“Crazy, stupid, incredible, life-altering love.”

I loved this book from page 1!! Decklan destroys my heart and soaks my panties all in one page. Kimber is just the woman for him (since I am taken ;)). I love how she is no cliche but real and she gives it her all without all the drama you would usually see in this situation. Decklan and Gavin’s relationship is my favorite. And I can not wait to read his book!!  

This book was flawlessly written, flowed well and no confusion on who was speaking or narrating. The character development was on point. This author drug me into this world of hot men and issues, made me want to shoulder their issues and take them home at all the same time!! This was a MUST read!!
**I received this book as an ARC through a goodreads group via Book Enthusiast Promotions and in return gave my honest review**

Amazon Link: http://a.co/0FI52p8

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