🏡”Impact” Review🏡


4 trials and tribulations stars!! This book was all about ups and downs…it made this book feel so real. Loved it. 

Make sure you have read the first book “Collision” because otherwise you will be lost. This book carries on the story of Leo and Jules (Juliette).

“Since the moment our lives collided, I knew you were it for me. The impact was a once in a lifetime event.” 

So we know after reading the last book that Jules mom is crazy as hell but enter this book and you realize Jules mom ain’t the only crazy mama. Leo has a past he can not let go and not let anyone in either. Is he going to make it out of this with Jules in hand or will he loose her forever?!?!
Jules had finally found herself and is not going to live my her mothers rules but the love of her life just can’t let her in. She is reevaluating her life and making changes for the better but one constant is she knows she needs Leo. Though an old flirtation shows up and tries to throw a wrench in the plan. Will Leo let her in or will she move on with a man who could give her the world?!?!?!
Wow this was a good book. I love Leo so very much and I was pressing for him to let go of his demons. He is one hot man. I think their relationship is beautiful and feels so real. This book made me shed tears at the beauty of two damaged souls repairing each other. I did have a to skim a little because it didn’t move at a pace I was comfortable with but the writing was beautiful and smooth. And let me say did Jules momma make a 180 change. I did enjoy seeing her mom and dad near the end. It made me feel like all is well.

Amazon Link: http://a.co/2erPC9s

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