🥊”Collision (Fight for Life #1)” Review🥊


4.5 what is going to happen next star?!?! Wow I was pleasantly surprised with this book!  

First of all I received a copy of this book through Quirky Blind Date with a Book and therefore I went into the book completely blind and did enjoy this book quite a bit. 

Jules is the daughter of a socialite. Her mother therefore seems to believe that her daughter should be the same but Juliette is nothing like her mother….on the inside. But Juliette or “Jules” knows her mother is fragile so she hides her true self. She wears what her mother thinks she should wear, she dates who her mother thinks she should date and attends the parties her mother thinks she should attend. Too bad it is all a lie and everybody is lying. But one night, while feeding her darker side, she lays eyes on the most gorgeous bad ass man, Leo. And from then on fate is not letting these two go. 

“I have my own shit to deal with, and whenever I see you, I feel like I’ve been in a head-on collision”

Leo took one look at this girl and knew she would be his. But he has demons and he knows Juliette has her own problems does he want to add to hers?!?! And will he ever fit into her lifestyle?!?!

Omg the twists and turns in this book are phenomenal!! That mother of hers always up to no good. And Richard…boy would I like to give him a piece of my mind. This was a very well written story with a beautiful love story about two damaged souls.  

With an ending like that I have to find the next book!!!!


Amazon Link: http://a.co/hyIzjDl


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