🍯”Honey Bee” Review🍯


5 “I put that shit on everything!” Stars!!! LOVED THIS BOOK!!

Sophia came back home. A place she only heard about but knew this would be home. She knows how small towns can be and boy is she nervous. But right away she makes friends and so does her beautifully charming and crazy pup!! But one friend in particular, Bo, seems to always be around and she just can’t get him out of her head…

Bo doesn’t date. He is a hit it and quit it kind of guy. He has baggage and well he is not breaking that rule ever!! But when he meets the beautiful Sophia and her terror of a dog he realizes he may have to make some adjustments. Too bad he will never like animals again…or will he?!?!
I loved this book from page one. I mean that dog makes the story I love him with all my heart. Yes Bo is an ass but he just enough ass to where I love him. Sophia is the perfect woman for Bo and I adore her!! And his sister OMG totally love her as well!!
I love this book included dogs because I love dogs. I was brought to tears at least 4 times either over Bo and Sophia or The animals. This book was so damn funny. I couldn’t stop laughing out loud!!!! This is a definite must read!!!
**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**

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