😇”Lucian Divine” Review😇


4.5 heavenly stars!! Wow not my usual read but I could not step away from this breathtaking, heart breaking, all consuming beautiful book!!

Let me first say that anything thrown in with religion I try to back away from, there is a thin line there that I just feel like you either try and force it on someone or you are undermining “him”. BUT with that said I felt no discomfort at all with this book. I felt like these are real questions and beliefs and just a beautiful love story. 

“You just have to have FAITH”

Lucian’s only job is to protect Evelyn. Problem is Lucian has always been a slight rule breaker but in the grand scheme of things it was never malicious. Problem is he can’t stand to watch Evelyn fail or be broken hearted, but guardian angels are not there to protect hearts. Except Lucian doesn’t seem to be your average guardian angel. What happens when you fall for the soul you are suppose to be protecting from afar?!?!
Evelyn can’t seem to find the right guy. But it’s not like it is anything new. Until she lays eyes on the most beautiful man she has ever seen and then “poof” he is gone. Except she can’t get him out of her head….

This book drew me in immediately! I love these two characters. The author did a wonderful job at showing their struggles, triumphs, fears and flaws. My heart repeatedly broke for Lucian but I knew that he would have his day. I just worried so much on how this book would end. I was fearing for the worst but I loved it. My only complaint is the end just rushed right by. I didn’t want this book to be finished. I wanted more. I need more!! And let me say Zack is a tool. I thought that from the beginning. He is Lucians best friend but Lucian was just an angel in love. He was a very good guardian. Oh how this book warmed my heart. Must read!!
**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**

Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/2iflA1h


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