๐Ÿ‘ฃ “Sins of the Father” Review ๐Ÿ‘ฃ


Wow!! 3.5 wth just happened stars!! What a way to end a book, I think I am going to need some time before I can move on from this book.

This book continues with the story of all the boys but it’s main focus is Stephen and Sheryln. Well..and Sean too. We all know Sherilyn as the kind of quiet new friend that Sophie made in Brooklyn from the last book. And, of course, Stephen is one of the sexy “4”. I love those boys so much. These two have this innocent love story at first and it grows. But then there are a few bumps in the road 1.) Sheryln realizes Sean wants her just as much as she wants Stephen 2.)Stephens parents move him back to California 3.) Sheryln has some surprises awaiting her from an unexpected visitor.

I love all the mystery and suspense in these books. You can tell the author is not from the United States due to some of the slang (bloody, rubbish,etc..) used that California boys would not use. I truly adored all of these books in the series but this one was slow to start. Didn’t pull me in like the others, sometimes I had to go back and re read parts to understand. But halfway through then I was hooked!! And that ending was other worldly!! Devastating!! Can I not mention like what a shitty life Sherlyn has had to endure. Look who her father was…well not that her mother was any better. Oh and shout out to Sean, Anthony and Hawke. Those men handle business!! Also ever since I was introduced to Hawke I have wanted to know more but when Sarah mentioned something about his love life I am freaking intrigued!! Please tell me we find out more about Hawke (I can’t help I am sooo greedy. Haha)?!?!

I am sure you can read these books as standalone books, because they will be just as good, but the backgrounds of all the characters make these books so good. Well I am on to the newest one. I’m so excited!!

Amazon Link: http://a.co/2pDJraP


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