🐺 It’s You Review 🐺


Wow!! I love this author and for it being her first shot at paranormal I was impressed!! This feels like the fairytale books she writes and I love them so very much. If you choose one author to read Katy is it. She gives you a little bit of everything!!

Once upon a time…
Darcy had her first crush. Jack!! Oh how she loved Jack, her high school self couldn’t think of anyone other. But Jack didn’t know she existed so she watched him from afar. Until one night Jack caught her looking and came right over to her and KISSED her!! It was THE moment on her life that she will NEVER forget. Literally 20 years later and she still can not let go. Problem with said kiss and said man is that he disappeared and never returned after that kiss. She is so desperate to rid him of her mind she decided to be hypnotized to do so or at least figure out why she can’t let him go. And then..he returns!!!
“I belong to you, and you….”
Poor Jack. His life has just been a struggle. He knew this was his last summer in Carlisle and so many choices were about to be made for the rest of his life, why not kiss the prettiest girl in the place. Little did he know that he was now bound to this girl. He knew this was all wrong and he had to leave…but he will be back and when he is he will have her!

I love this story. I think this couple is so amazing. I love Jack with all of my heart and I hurt for Jack as well. Darcy is just a normal woman trying to figure out what is real and what is not and I do not admire her for this position but to have Jack giving you his all and trying to make everything perfect for you. I am jealous!! I was glad when Willow decided to do some digging. Jack needs all the help he can get. And after reading the 2nd part of the book I started to understand him much better. 
Jacks family is anything but normal. But damn it Lela!! Uggg. This was very well written and Katy has a way of making it feel like you are Darcy. I felt like Jack was my “beautiful wolf” and damn him for being so perfect!! I also can’t wait to see what goes down with Julien!!  

Let me warn you this ends in a cliffhanger. Ugh I must start book 2!!!

**I received this as an ARC so therefore I gave my honest review**

Amazon Link: http://a.co/2XrfP46

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