🏍Road to Nowhere Review🏍

🏍Road to Nowhere Review🏍


4.5 drive me crazy stars!! I can not believe what just went down?!?!

Creed was bred to follow his father’s footsteps into the MC. Not something he chose just what he was told. Problem is Creed has shit for luck. This poor guy has lost so much all due to bullshit. He may not have been looking for a friend but one day he found one in a little spunky as hell nine year old. From then on shit doesn’t look so bad until….

Mia laid eyes on Creed at nine years old. She did not understand adult ways but she knew she wanted him as a friend and she may have a slight crush. Through the years she runs into him a few times. But he isn’t ready to let friends or not in. By the time Creed realizes she is a friend he needs she’s afraid it will be too late.

Wtf just happened?!?! I can not ruin this for those have not read it year but let me say I am out of my mind right now. This is definitely a cliff hanger and I will stalk M Robinson on a daily to get to the next book in this series. This author pulled you in this world and gave you one hell of a ride.

“Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. And all that fucking shit.”

She leaves you feeling needy. I need to know what is going on I wait so long to get to this fucking point!!!! Creed isn’t your usual alpha, or bad boy, or man in general. He is a whole other breed and he is the definition of a real bad ass. He goes from his cut to his uniform and I dont even think he realizes what a good man under all that he is. The part when he was on assignment and they watched that village with the schoolgirls my heart ached for him. For Mason. These boys are heroes.

Mia is my type of girl. She has been a smart and independent girl since we met her at age 9. Though I wish she would of just took a moment to grow up shit happens.

So many things happen in this book that leave my mind spinning. You won’t be the same after this book. The beginning of the story builds you up for this explosion of a book but I think the age difference, and what as a reader you are trying to build between the two end up getting a little frustrating. But once shit takes a turn that nobody saw coming you can’t unglue yourself. This is a definite MUST read!!
**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave a honest review**

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