😈Savage Savior Review😈 


5 naughty stars!! This is the third book in the series and all THREE are 5 stars!! LOVE this sexy series!

“She doesn’t need the fecking cops. She needs a Savage. Specifically me.”

Quinn has a past. A horrible past which tends to keep finding its way to the present. The only good thing is she has this crazy hot stalker who seems to be everywhere. No problem there. She knows he follows her and instead of feeling creeped out she feels turned on.

Carter doesn’t know what it is but he has a thing for Quinn. I mean the whole thing that went down with Jade and Cole was to help with his insecurities so he could make Quinn his. He knows she needs him but other then protection he does not want to taint her. Will Carter be able to stay away or will he give in?!?!

I. Can. Not. Deal. !! Omg when Carter said the quote about not needing the cops but needing a savage, I am over here with my hand up like yes!! Everyone needs a Savage!! Though this book was shorter I loved it just as much as the other two. I was iffy about Carter from previous books but damn do I love me some Carter now. And poor Quinn. What a woman!! She has been through hell in back! This book was funny, charming, lovely (some may say weird but it was my type of perfect), and made me angry. The banter between Savages is always hilarious. This series is a MUST read!!

**I received this book as an ARC and I have given my honest review**

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