🎁Manhattanite’s Christmas Review🎁


3.5 stars!! A fast paced sexy love story.


I did enjoy this book. I liked both the hero and the heroin. I think Sheldon is a hunk of a man and an extremely good father. Never is exactly as I think most celebrities you see on reality shows are but I like what Sheldon brings out in her.
This book was meant to be fast paced and it was. My criticism is in the way that it went. I did not understand how a virgin meets a guy and within an hour he is feeling her up. And then taking her V card without even working up to it. But I know fast paced books usually roll that way so I went along with it. It felt staged. And I was lost really where the Christmas part came in besides a single line at the end. But the passion is there when it is time and it is a naughty gem of a book!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**


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