💃🏻Dancer Review💃🏻


4 beautiful stars!! I fell in love with Travis last book but damn if I don’t love Colton just as much if not more.


Brielle was in love by the time she was 7. Problem was life happened and he was torn away. Then Brielle got knocked up by a kid in high school who she thought for sure cared. But he did not and she became a single mother. Now Brielle works as a cage dancer and could care less about men. She is focused on her daughter and going back to school. Until one night she decides to let loose a little and dance with a random guy. Though she can not see his face she had not been this turned on in awhile….


Colton is Travis’s best friend. They are the “good guys”. I mean legit! They are two kick ass guys that any woman would fall for. At the beginning of the book Colton is a sad and depressing place in his life. It’s so sad that his dick no longer even works. He will never find a girl that would be ok with that. Until one night he decides to go out with Travis and Angel to a club and he spots the hottest woman in a cage dancing and wouldn’t you know his pants started to get tighter. She ends her shift and ends up on the dance floor, he is going to take this chance and dance with her. Oh god his dick works again!!! Hallelujah! Problem is the minute she lays eyes on him she takes off. What the hell just happened?!?!

Portrait of muscular, shirtless man in blue jeans.

I am a groupie of the “Good Guys”! These boys are what every girl deserves. And at the end of the book when I saw there is going to be another I got so excited!! I love every single character in this book (with exception of Brielle’s ex)!! Ava is the cutest little thing. I laughed my ass off when he was told she was lactose intolerant. “She had the double scoop!!” Hahaha. Actually the banter had me laughing quite a bit.


I think this book pulled on my heart strings quite a bit. Especially when he talked about his mother or about how much he loved Ava. That is the definition of a good guy. To make a girl his own even when she is not. I love it!! I did not feel a good connection with Brielle. She was ok but I wanted more from her. The flashbacks were so cute and just perfect.

Once again a very well written book by this author. Make sure you read this series you will not be disappointed.

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**I received this book as an ARC therefore I gave my honest review**


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