👊🏻Moody Review👊🏻


4 second chance stars!! I have loved Moody since I first met him in Fighting Blind!!


Izzy always had this massive crush on Moody and finally when she is old enough and he shows some slight interest she will get what she wants. Couple of problems…1) he just put her brother in the hospital (though we all know it’s not his fault) 2) he is a man whore 3) she is a virgin 4) he is drunk. Drunk or not Izzy is not letting him go.

Moody felt something so strong for Izzy when he took her virginity (tho he did not know she was a virgin) so he had to let her go. He had already destroyed her brother he will not destroy her too. Fast forward 4 years…she is actually marrying a real POS! Moody can’t let that happen he wants her happy but not with this jerk. But things never come easy for Moody…

I love me some Moody!! He is a good man. Izzy is just such an innocent shy girl, who never got over her first love. Izzy isn’t who I would put with Moody but it is super cute. It tames him. I love seeing all the characters in their element from the first book. This author makes you believe in these people. Theo and Moody are my book boyfriends!!

I loved the story but I think the way Izzy just let him back was too easy and wish he would to have worked for it a little more. And the end seemed rushed but on the other hand the end was PERFECT!!! A very well written book by a very talented author. This can be read as a stand alone though you will miss out on another hunk. Hehehe


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**I received this book as an ARC and therefore I gave an honest review**

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