🔥Burn With Me Review🔥


4.5 intense stars!! I was so freaking emotional with this book, and I loved every minute of it.


Amber has been dealt shit cards since birth. Bouncing from foster to foster home she has never really felt accepted. Then a college professor crosses the line and Amber knows it is time to move on. And she has one bestie, Liz, and she is running directly to her. Now at a new college, with a new job and close to her friend she feels at peace. She keeps “bumping” into this dark and mysteriously hot neighbor of hers. But of course he is being an ass, so forget him. Then one night a drunken kiss with the wrong man leads her to find the “one”.

Caleb has been dealt even shittier cards since birth but his past haunts him daily and he refuses to open to anyone. The world thinks he is a freak who never leaves his home…so be it. He will be a freak that never leaves the comfort of his home. His best friend, Josh, has tried for years to get him to go out more and meet people but he can’t. He won’t put his issues on someone else. Until this fiery little hot neighbor chick literally “bumps” into him and refuses to leave him alone. Can he push her away and if he can will it destroy him?!?!


Wowzers!! What a crazy book! First off Caleb is so damn dark, moody and delicious!! I love him. Josh is runner up cuz damn if I could not have them BOTH!! These are two good men both complete opposites. When Caleb finally opened up I was destroyed. That poor man. Josh took everything in stride. Even that kiss that you know meant a hell of a lot more to him then her. Oh what a man. Now on to Amber I think she is a great chick but I do want to say that I almost quit the book because of the dialogue between her and Liz but I have a bestie I know we can be annoying. But I did not like Liz from the very beginning and between you and me I think she is the one who came up with the bail money!! When she allowed herself to not believe her best friend at the worst moment of her life she was dead to me. I thank goodness for Caleb, I don’t know if Amber could have made it without him. And I knew Ryan was a sleaze but he is a POS!!

This book was full of triggers for some people. Though not for me it did break my heart many times. I know these things have to happen but they physically hurt to read. I think the first quarter of the book was my problem. Mainly Liz. But the rest of the book kept my eyes glued. And the best freaking ending possible!!! So happy.

📚Amazon Link: http://a.co/8mmSplc

**Thank you for this ARC and in return I gave my honest review (sorry it was late)**

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