🎨J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis Review🎨


5 “Though she be little, she be fierce stars”!!! Another one to add to the favorites list, Katy never lets me down.


Libitz is an art dealer and soon to be pushing thirty. She is jewish and her mother wants grand babies soon. Problem is Libitz doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Libitz is Kate English’s bestie. She loves this girl and therefore is her maid of honor. Now Lib knows of Kate’s new brother in law, J.C., she knows he is a well established manwhore! So when she catches him checking her out she knows this is not good. Yes he is hot but he is a one way street to fuck up city. She knows it will be messy and she would never do that to Kate. Except now he won’t quit hitting on her so she will do whatever so he will leave her alone. All J.C. wants is a kiss?!?! Fine. Done. Except now she is hooked and there is nothing she can do about it….

Young passionate couple

J.C. knows when he wants a woman. What he doesn’t know is this new feeling of jealousy and longing. All because of Libitz. He. Can. Not. Get. Her. Out. Of. His. Head. His father was a whore and cheated on his mother regularly and he knew what is was like. He was there with his father and then had to lie to his mother so he knows he will never marry or commit because he can not break a woman the way his father broke his mother. Not only that but the way his father broke him. But damn Libitz is so tiny and so fierce. Her love of art is as strong as his love of art. And when he happens upon this beautiful painting from France from 1939 that looks just like the object of his fantasies, he realizes this is something more then one night. This is fate.

Beautiful young couple

Wow. I was worried at first I am not really in to art stuff but this changed my mind. I am now curious of things I wasn’t before. I want to look at paintings and find all these back stories. I love what this book represents and taking this poor broken man and making him whole. I love these two together. J.C. peeked my interest in previous books and now well I love him!! Libitz is just the woman to help this man!!

Beautiful young couple

This book did bring in many of the other characters from the other books but this book was about these two love birds and I could not put it down. I laughed and cried. It was perfect. My favorite part is when they were at Et and Kate’s house and they boys were trying to hook up the sprinkler. The whole thing was so damn funny!! Love it.

Another killer romance novel with kick ass writing. I think Katy is a genius and I will read everything she writes but I am amazed each time when she steals my heart again!! MUST READ



📚Amazon Link: http://a.co/eHXCQQf

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**

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