❤️Fearless For Love Review❤️


4.5 bad ass stars!!!


Jessica finally moved away from her step mom and the shitty childhood she had. Now her dreams of becoming a drummer are going to come true. Everything is finally falling in place. The cherry on top is this sexy guy she meets skipping stones, Harrington. Little did she realize that said guy is not the charming decent guy he stated he was but a crazy psycho underground MMA fighter. And with a past like hers she has no place for this man.

Harrington was meant to be a lawyer just as his father wanted but screw that he hasn’t been one to follow rules. Now he is on a mission to help his best friend find his parents killer and bring down the bad guys. He doesn’t do relationships or love until Jessica walked into his life. Now all Harrington can think about is her but is he willing to put her life at risk just to feel good?!?!

Wow!! I didn’t know what to expect seeing as I have not read from this author but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This was read all in one sitting. I LOVE Harrington. Who does not love a good guy with bad guy tendencies?!?! And better yet a woman with demons who sheds no tears?!!! These two were great together! The story took awhile to get these two together but I enjoyed that it made it feel authentic.

This book was so much more then a love story too though. I mean that was the main focus but all the side stories were good. Harrington made me nervous I was always so worried for him and Fisher too. I hope we get a story for him. I think I will need to go back and read the first two books it felt as though I was missing something. And I think I will fall in love with the “Lovelly’s” so I hope to read more on them. The author did very well with the plot and character development. This was a very well written story and a great read!!

**I received this story as a review copy via Blind Date With A Book and due to the generosity of the author I gave my honest review**


📚Amazon Link: http://a.co/aIYVy9q

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