🎨Draw Me In Review🎨


Wow!! 5 freaking wonderful stars!! This is a new favorite of mine and I can’t wait for Book 2!! Let me remind everyone this phenomenal book is this authors DEBUT novel!!  I am freakin blown away!!!

beautiful young sporty kissing sexy couple in gym

beautiful young sporty kissing sexy couple showing muscle in gym


Aela just moved out of her parents house and in with her bestie Kara. She is attending Uni and content. She caught a glance of hot tatted up man at her gym and now she can’t wait to get back to the gym to spy on him again. A little crush what is that going to hurt?!?!
Declan is a sexy, tatted, muscular beast of a man. He doesn’t need a woman in his life, he doesn’t do relationships. Just hookups. His past has not bode well with women. His heart has already been broken by Grace and he can not do it again. Until he lays eyes on the most charming, innocent and sexy girl. Aela! He doesn’t know what it is but she will be his one day. Problem is she has no place in his life. Will he choose love or will he keep her safe?!?!
Wow this book blew me away right away. I mean I do favor sexy tattooed men but I just LOVE Declan!! A tattoo artist who is so alpha, sexy, has a huge heart, is a great friend and damn if he isn’t great with his mother and sister. The night with the cookies oh and the costume party I was madly and deeply in love!! I think Aela and Declan make the cutest couple as well. I love the banter between all of the characters! The author did an incredible job on character development. I love everybody and I get the vibe they all have.
I was reading while waiting for an appt and it was the part where Aela had a flat tire and it was so real I freaking cringed and I instantly had goosebumps! This was an extremely well written book. I find no faults. I love this book from page 1 to THE END. And I am so happy to have started this series I will get my greedy hands on Book 2 (Alex and Kara) as soon as it is available!!

**Thank you to B&B Promotions and the author for granting me this ARC and in return I gave my honest review!!**



Amazon: amazon.com/dp/B01MDRPI4P

Amazon AU: amazon.com.au/dp/B01MDRPI4P

Amazon UK: amazon.com.co.uk/dp/B01MDRPI4P

Amazon CA: amazon.ca/dp/B01MDRPI4P

Amazon FR: amazon.fr/dp/B01MDRPI4P

Amazon DE: amazon.de/dp/B01MDRPI4P


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