๐Ÿ’ฅ~Unraveled Review~๐Ÿ’ฅ



4.5 crazy sexy stars!! This author has done it again! I was blown away with book one and book two did not let me down.

Rebecca is a former fighter. Now that her, her brother, and their best friend Breccan (whom I fell in love with in the first book), are retired she works for her brother and Breccan at their gym. Everything is kosher, as long as she has wine she is a happy girl. Then one hot July day in walks Ryker, the ass hat that Brennan lost to, technically. She can’t stand this man but for some reason he just isn’t as bad as she thought he was. And he is so freakin hot. But no way will she dare date a former fighter and one whom was so horrible to her before….will she?!?!

Ryker is at rock bottom. About a year and half ago he tested positive for steroids and his career was ripped away. No more fighting for Ryker. Problem is he supports his grandma and all that money he made is gone. Nobody will hire him in their gym, he has one last place to go. But can he really suck it up and work with the boys at Undisputed? Lucky for him the first person he sees is the hot fighter turned receptionist Rebecca Toler. He doesn’t care how but he’s going to get with this crazy, loud and opinionated woman. But can he bring her into his world…one of which he lives in a horrible neighborhood, can only afford to eat Ramen noodles, and is constantly trying to figure out how to keep the utilities turned on? Rebecca who always eats out, pampers herself regularly and looks down on fake flowers?!?! He has no place to go but this gym and he knows he wants the girl but he needs this job….


Love, love, love this book. First of all I fell in love with both Ryker and Rebecca right from the beginning! He is so damn alpha, charming, sexy, big hearted and just yummy! Let me say that’s pretty much how I felt about Breccan in the last book as well. So thank you A.S. for doing a kick ass job of creating such yummy heros! Except I totally feel like Rebecca is the hero, she totally took care of shit. She is bad ass!!

This was pretty much all the cast from the last book and you got to stay in touch with all the boys from the last book. So it makes this book even better. I love when an author literally carries on from book to book. I want to still see the characters as they live their lives. More props to A.S.. And did everyone catch the few times she through our Slate Andrews name?!?! I caught that right away and I knew that was from another favorite of mine Aly Martinez with “On the Ropes”! That seriously was on my all time favorites list so I was like a little school girl when I caught that. So rarely do I get to see that done and let me say we need more of that! Who doesn’t love Slate?!?!

This was a exceptionally well written book with excellent character development. It is so hard to follow the phenomenal debut novel she put up but this book was exceptional. Can’t wait for the next!!

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**



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