🐾Collecting Pieces Review🐾


5 beautiful stars!! This book made me an emotional wreck, oh but I loved it!!! Another one for the favorites list!


Where to start? Well Sidney came from a foster home and never really had a family until she met Connor. Connor was her foster brother and he tried to give Sidney the family she never had. And then one day she met Jake. Jake was perfect. Until Connor took everything away.

I just want to say that right there was like a book in itself. I laughed, I cried, I smiled and I got angry. All perfect but do you believe that is only the beginning?!?!


Now Fast forward and Abel comes into the picture. The minute Sidney lays eyes on Abel she has it bad. He is the hottest guy she has seen but so not her type. Her body is screaming otherwise. Abel is a bad boy, rides a motorcycle, uses the “f” word more then not, and has this I don’t give a shit attitude but she can not get him off her mind. Problem is Jake is still there she is now stuck between two men. Can she let go of her past and move on or is Jake the only one?!?!


This book is fabulous!! I felt like I was gifted two books in one. The story of Sidney/Connor was so sad yet wonderful. Connor was the first boy I was rooting for. I loved everything he did for Sidney. And then things took a wrong turn for Connor but I kept hoping he would get it together. Then the story of Jake/Sidney was just a romance straight outta the books. He was perfect I mean I was waiting for the shoe to drop but no perfection (maybe too perfect for me). And when she met his parents it was so wonderful and how they continued with her. I just loved it. Finally the Abel/Sidney story. Oh my favorite!! Things were a little crazy at this point. We are all still kind of finding our way from the kick to our hearts and we find the sexiest man alive Abel. I mean he is perfection in my eyes. This story was real to me and I love how she compares the two. So as you can see there was so much going on and that’s only the main story there were so many other things going on. I wish the end didn’t happen as it did and all these characters had their own books because I would totally have bought them all!!! And I can’t leave out Cain, oh how I love him. I want him for myself. The scene with the mountain lion was terrifying for me.

Such a well written, dynamic book. A damn good read! A must read of 2016!!❤️❤️❤️


**I received this book as an ARC and in return I gave my honest review**



Amazon: http://geni.us/bml6f


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