💕Your Inescapable Love Review💕



4.5 I’m in love Stars!! Layla has once again swooned me with the Bennett family.

Emilia has known Max Bennett since she was a 9 year old shy girl locked out of her grandmas house. He was her best friend for years and then she moved away. She became a physical therapist, she loves/cares for her grandma whom has Alzheimer’s, she was left by her fiancé 3 weeks before the wedding and the list of abandonment goes on… Now so many years later in walks Max Bennett and boy did he fill out well, but can she keep their relationship completely platonic and professional?!?!


Max doesn’t do long term, commitment, marriage…really he doesn’t do girlfriends. But taking one look at Emilia all grown up has him singing a different tune. Can he get past his fear of commitment?!?!


I’ve never doubted the Bennett family. I love all the alpha male vibes going on in this book. My favorite parts are when Max speaks about the twins and then when he does the twin prank. Omg so yummy!! Back to the main couple…I love these two together…childhood friends to lovers! The stories from their childhood are super cute and funny. Max is one hell of a man (a big perv but in a cute and sexy way)!! I’ve always enjoyed Max and it was nice to see this side of him. Alice is awesome too!! Another very well written book with extraordinary character development. I never want this family to stop I love these books so much! If you haven’t guessed by now I LOVE everything about these books (I think I said love a million times. Hahaha)! This series is a must read…

**I received this book as an ARC and in return gave my honest review**



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