🌟Deploy Review🌟

4.5 stars!! Wow this book kept me wanting more. And I am not sure if there is another book coming out but I need more. I love all the brothers in this book!!
Justice comes from a crappy life. If you met her you wouldn’t know it, this girl can hide it all and has a bigger plan. Her whole family is just horrible, well her grandma is a gentle soul but she looks the opposite way too much. The only thing that seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel is her forever crush, Declan Rowlings. They have never quite got it right but of course it finally feels right and he is getting ready to leave to become a marine. I can not tell you the whole story here but from that day coward nothing but hell occurs for this girl with bits of light hidden in the darkness. Declan tells her one thing before he leaves and it is to fight!! The question is, is Justice fighting against the world or against Declan?!?!
Declan sees everything in black and white. There is no in between. Therefore when he turns 18 and graduates he is going to ship straight off to training camp. So Declan has no time for distractions and omg is Justice his number one distraction. He has wanted her since he forever. And now when he finally realizes it he’s shipping out for a 4 year commitment. Declan knows women aren’t loyal so he expects nothing less. But what he doesn’t realize is how she is only one of many distractions to come…
Wow!! This book kept me reeled in. I was shocked that it has such a low rating because I read this book in one sitting and not once did I think I wanted to quit. I mean there is a lot of injustices that really pissed me off but eventually karma takes place everywhere. 
Declan and Justice are two damaged souls who have horrible timing. I want to wrap Justice up in a cocoon and store her away somewhere. That poor girl but what strength she has. I am glad everything happened the way it did. Except Nolan broke my freaking heart!! But after saying that I really hope there is another book because I am like in shock after that ending. But back to Declan…omg that broody alpha male is just what the dr ordered. I love him!!!  
The Rowlings men are just perfect. Quite yet deadly. I love it. I love each of them for their own reasons but just know once you fall in love you are stuck with them. They are loyal to a fault. Please oh please give me more books with them in it!!  
This book has so many different things going on but never too much. I had to keep turning pages and find out what happens next. I really can not say any of them but this book is so a must read. I think the only reason this wasn’t 5 stars was it jumped from person to person without regard that I would have to re-read stuff to understand, but as the book goes on you get the feel of the writer. I feel like there is so much more to say and that’s when I know this book is good! #somanybookcrushes #rawlingsmen #declan #justice #mustread #netgalley #bookaddictsreviews Author Jamie Magee Patchwork Press
**I received this book as an ARC via NetGalley and in return I gave my honest review**

Amazon Link: https://amzn.com/B01LZXDXMM

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