🔥Hostage of the Hitman🔥


4 oh so dirty Stars!! This book was so naughty and suspenseful I couldn’t put it down!
Delaney is a spoiled rich girl off to vacation with her besties on her daddy’s dime even though he doesn’t know it. Though Delaney is a spiked rich girl there is more to her then meets the eye, she has wanted a challenge she just doesn’t fit in to the lifestyle. Well while living it up overseas her and her girlfriends meet some very fine specimens of the opposite sex. Little did they realize they are criminals with ties to the mafia and well they are kidnapping these girls and holding them for ransom. Delaney has of course caught the eye of the head guy and no matter how much she tries she can’t get him out of her mind. Will Delaney fall for her captor or will she find a way to escape?!?!
Darios is a dangerous man with an even more dangerous past! His current hustle is to steal rich girls and ransom them back to their rich parents. Darios has never let a woman get by his walls but this damn spoiled American brat is worming her way in. Can Darios keep it professional or is he going to throw caution to the wind and take what he wants?!?!
I love the story between these two. I love an ultimate bad boy and well they don’t get any better then Darios. Yummy!! He killed for her! But he still has to maintain his business and she is just another transaction. Or is she?!!! Everything about this was explosive. You didn’t know when shit would hit the fan or when it was time to get naughty. And his guards well they are not nice men, they will take what they want. I was on pins and needles. Ugggh. Loved it!! The ending was just as I wanted 🙂
**I received this book as an ARC from the author and in return I gave my honest review**
Ps.  I love this cover!  I mean who doesn’t want to be kidnapped by this man 😍

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