💋Heroes vs Villains Review💋

🌟🌟🌟🌟💫4.5 wish I was 18 again stars!! Could not put this book down!  

Sophie had the life she loved by the beach until one day her day decides they have to move to Brooklyn and they have to move now. Her dad had always been super secretive about his work so it doesn’t surprise her but it sure pisses her off. First day moving in she meets this cocky boy and his band of friends. But from then on Sophie, her brother (Sean) and the band of cocky boys are all tight as they can be. Problem is she has fell hard for the cockiest one and if the rumors are true then she fell for the biggest player. Can she put him out of her mind or is she bound to get broken?

Ben and his friends (Luke, Stephen, and Kyle) are happy. This isn’t the life they envisioned but they get to play music and stay together. Then one day Sophie Valentine strolls into their lives and well it has never been the same since. Ben is a hit it and quit it type of boy but Sophie has latched on to his heart and there is no way he is letting her go. Except his secret may destroy everything and everyone…

This book is cute and crazy. I love everyone in this book. I tried to not like her dad because he is kind of a jerk and hides any feeling except anger but damn I fell in love. Sean surprised me, I mean seriously I did not see that coming. And all the boys I love them each individually and I am so glad I read California Dreaming first because truth be told this was Sophie’s book but knowing what I do about the boys this was everyone’s book. And Ben I am so in love with his teenage ass. Haha. This book did have a YA fell with some naughty bits (I mean knock your socks off naughty) but I totally dug it. The twist near the end involving Silo and Ben was just what I needed. I needed that to happen and I am so glad. Well I won’t ruin the book but I will suggest you read this book and California dreaming. Can’t wait to read the next “Sins of the Father”!! 
**I received this as an ARC from Author Stacey Johnston and in return gave my honest review**
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Amazon Link: https://amzn.com/B01B6AEDY6

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